classroom assignment

Classroom Assignments

Feb. 20

No school President’s day

Feb. 21

Students get their new spelling words and reading book. Students are expected to read the book all week long. Students will also get individual words that they need to practice reading. These words may be added to as the week progresses becasue any word a student has difficulty reading while reading their book will go home as well. Students are also expected to study their spelling words. These items will be in each student’s homework folder. In math one of the skills we are working on is counting money. Therefor if students would like to bring money to buy out of the vending machines or snack during lunch they may. 

Jan. 22

money worksheet

Jan. 23

Students will take home a comprehension worksheet on the book they are reading for that week.Students will also be reminded to read their weekly sight words.

Feb. 24

No home work. Parents are encouraged to google project search to find out about new opportunities that might be open to their child upon graduating high school.