Class Assignments


Week of Oct 2nd – 6th

Chapter 9 – "Launching the New Government”
Lesson 4 – “The Second President”

Main Idea- As President, John Adams pursued policies that made the Federalists increasingly unpopular

Essential Question(s): 
How did John Adams handle the conflict with France?
Why did the Federalist party split?
How did the Alien and Sedition acts raise the issue of the rights of states?
What role did Congress play in the election of 1800?

Week of Oct. 9th – 13th

Chapter 9 Review and Assessment
Text pgs 296 -& 297
Building Vocabulary
Reviewing Key Facts
Critical Thinking and Writing

Analyzing Primary Sources

Drawing Inferences

Week of October 16th – 20th

Chapter 10- “ The Age of Jefferson”
1801 -1816
Lessons 1 & 2
Lesson 1 – ”A Republican Takes Office”
Lesson 2 – “The Louisiana Purchase”

Week of October 23rd – 27th

Chapter 10 – “The Age of Jefferson”
1801 – 1816
Lesson 3 – “New Threats From Overseas”

Week of October 30th – Nov 3rd

Lesson 4- “The Road to War"

Main Idea- Conflicts with Native Americans in the West and with the British at sea led to the War of 1812

Essential Question(s):

Why did conflicts between white settlers and Native Americans increase during the early 1800s?

Outline the lesson 

(Use roman numerals for main headings, capital letters for sub-headings, & numbers for supporting details)

Week of Nov. 6th  – Nov. 17th

Lesson 5 – “The War of 1812"

& End of Chapter Review Activities

Main Idea- Although neither Great Britain nor the United States won the War of 1812. Americans proved that their republic would remain independent.

Assignment- ​complete concept web- text pg. 320- Fill in blank ovals with important facts about the War of 1812

Chapter 10 Review and Assessment -text pg. 326 & 327