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Ashley Wilson

Personal Finance:

This course is designed to introduce students to the knowledge and skills required for managing their personal and family financial resources. Students learn to manage resources through hands-on applications that are relevant to their lives. Projects will require students to use academic skills in language arts, math, social sciences, and science. Emphasis is given to the development of competencies related to values, needs, and wants, goals and decision making, career exploration, understanding paychecks, spending plans, savings, electronic banking and credit, financial institutions, and checking accounts.

Students will learn about:

Unit 1: Values, Needs, and Wants

 Unit 2: Goals and Decision Making

 Unit 3: Careers

 Unit 4: Paychecks

 Unit 5: Spending Plans

 Unit 6: Saving

 Unit 7: Electronic Banking and Credit 

 Unit 8: Financial Institutions

 Unit 9: Checking Accounts  


Ashley Wilson

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