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Raffle fundraiser

FCJH will be selling raffle tickets for a former beta club student member’s family.  Tickets are 5.00 and all proceeds will go to the family of Ms. Jaidah Wilson.  Prizes are gift baskets (one for a female and male).   Raffle ends on December 20, 2017.  Winner will be contacted on that day.

Turn It In (Writing Website)

Weekly writing assignments for both grades will be placed here for students to work on during the week (in class) or at home.  Check It Out!!

Study Island


This is a website that is used in all of the content areas (English, History, Science, and Math) to help students with mastering standards that will help them with passing the ACT/Aspire test.  All students have a username and password.  The username is the first 5 of their last name and 4 of their first name.  The password is their first and last initial (lowercase) with a dot followed by their lunch number.  For example: smithjohn (username) sj.1234  Please have your students to use this website to help them study for the test.  Thanks for all that you do!!

Google Classroom


Teachers here at the junior high use this website to place classroom assignments, reading assignments, videos, worksheets, etc. for the students to complete.  Students can log on and complete the work.  There is an app for this website that you can download on your smartphone that will alert you when an assignment has been placed there.  

Writing Assistant


We are using a new service called Revision Assistant that helps students with revising, editing, and creating excellent essays.  This site will help students produce an essay worthy of ACT/Aspire.  Students can acess this website from home and complete assignments from teachers.  

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