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classroom assignment

Classroom Assignments

October 22-26, 2018  

The students will be working on the following concepts in the subject areas below. 

Reading-learning new sight words and reading their book. Homework—students are to practice their sight words at home and read their PCI book if they are on the PCI series. 

Fast Forward Reading- Four students are working through modules in the Fast Forward Reading program. This program requires the student to listen and follow directions or to read short passages and click the correct answer to demonstrate comprehension.

Reading comprehension- As a class were are reading a page out of Middle School Get Me Out of Here by James Patterson each day. Students are then asked to answer comprehension questions on the page. Homework-if you have a copy of the book it might be helpful if you read a page from it each night to your child. The more they hear it the better their comprehension will be. We will be covering the following pages in the book this week: 

Monday page 26 and 27   Tuesday page 28 and 32  Wednesday 33-38 Thursday 39-41  Friday 42-44   

Spelling- in class students will practice spelling their words correctly. At home they should be writing or spelling each word correctly at least five times a night. Four students will be practicing spelling their own names.

Writing-Students will write a sentence for each of their spelling words. Later in the week students some students will be answer wh questions in full sentences while others will be writing and fixing their in the blue paragraphs. 

Math- Students are engaged in various math activities throughout the day. Some of the skills the students are currently working on two digit multiplication, multiplication facts, adding and subtracting one digit numbers, being able to identify a cup from a set of measurment tools, recognizing numbers, counting money, separating coins. During the math period students are concentrating on the following concepts: 6th: equations, separating blocks into groups to do additon and multiplication problems, using a calculator to find the perimeter and area of an object. 7th: matching shapes and identifying shapes by their name. 8th: equations, finding the perimeter, and area of an object

Science-We will be finishing our models and begin studying food webs and how the environment determines if a an organism will thrive or not. We will do an experiment with two plants. One we will put in a good environment and the other we will put in a hostile environement to see what happens to the plants.    

Life skills- students will be doing work activities such as using a cash register, greeting others, filing tasks, keep count of the stock of snacks, running erands inside the school, laundry, sweeping, wiping tables, and dishes. Homework: Allowing your child to do household chores as independently as safety allows will help has greatly in this area. Students will also be cooking macroni and cheese in the microwave and on the stove top as well as popcorn for cooking activities.