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Class Assignments


 January 22nd -February 9th

Chapter 11 – "The Nation Grows and Prospers”
Lesson 4 -  "New Nations in the Americas"

Main Idea- The United States issued the Monroe Doctrine to discourage Europe from meddling in the affairs of the newly independent nations of Latin America.

Essential Question(s): 
                                          How did the Latin American nations win independence and become republics?  How did the United States gain Florida from Spain?  What was the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine?

Study Guide- Jan 25th/ Chapter 11 Test - Jan 30th

January 31st - February 9

Chapter 12 - "The Jacksonian Era" 

Lesson 1 -"A New Era in Politics"

Main Idea- As President, Andrew Jackson became the symbol for the new democratic spirit that brought political and social changes to the nation.

Essential Question(s)
How did the growing spirit of equality change voting rights in the 1820s?
Why was there a dispute over the election of 1824?
Why was John Quincy Adam's an unpopular President? What new political parties developed? 

Lesson 2- " Jackson in the White House"

Main Idea- President Jackson showed strength of his will in his fight with the Bank of the United States.

  Essential Question(s)

What qualities helped Andrew Jackson succeed? What was the spoils system? Why did President Jackson fight the Bank of the United States?