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Assignment Page

Jr High General Music (7th and 8th Grade):

These links will send you to all of the week’s assignments from class.

Week 1: (Assignments) (Slide Show #1) (Slide Show #2)

Week 2: (Assignments) (Early Music Pop Quiz)

      (Instrument Quiz)

Week 3: (Middle Ages Reading) (Middle Ages Questions)

          (Renaissance Reading) (Renaissance Questions)

          (Renaissance Guide)

Week 4: (Baroque Reading) (Baroque Instrument Reading)

          (Baroque Instrument Matching)


                      (Classical Reading)


                        (Classical Questions)

          (Music Period Reflection)

Week 5: (Treble Clef Exercise Pg. 1, 5, 7)

        (Bass Clef Exercises Pg. 1, 2, 5, 7)

Week 6: (Name That Note Game)

Week 7: (Note Name Quiz)

       (02/22/19 Work)

Week 8: (Black History Month Project)

           (Exit Ticket-Top Musicians)

Week 9: (Rise Up and Sing Pacing Guide) (John Williams Composition Video)

Week 10: (Introduction to Composition)

Week 11: (Name The Piano Keys)

        (Black and White Keys on Piano)

         (Keyboard Trainer) (Piano Typing Game) (Final Research Project)



7th and 8th Grade Band:

The following link will take you to an audio file of the pieces the Jr High Band is working on for the Black History Program in February. (African Marching Song-Grade 1) (Anasazi- Grade 1)