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7th Grade World Geography


Module 2: The Physical World


Essential Question:

Why do we study Earth and its physical systems?


In this module, you will learn about Earth’s resources, and the processes that cause the seasons, shape landmasses and climates, and support life. You will learn how humans use and interact with these resources and processes.


Lesson 1: Earth and the Sun’s Energy

Big Idea: Earth’s movement and the sun’s energy intereact to create day and night, temperature changes, and the seasons.


Lesson 2: Water on Earth

Big Idea: Water is a dominant feature on Earth’s surface and is essential for life.


Lesson 3: The Land

Big Idea: Processes below and on Earth’s surface shape the planet’s physical features.


Lesson 4: Weather and Climate

Big Idea: The sun, location, wind, water, and mountains affect weather and climate.


Lesson 5: World Climates

Big Idea: Earth’s five major climates zones are identified by temperature, precipitation, and plant life.


Lesson 6: Environments and Biomes

Big Idea: Plants, animals, and the environment, including soil, interact with and affect one another.


Lesson 7: Natural Resources

Big Idea: Earth’s natural resources have many valuable uses, and their availability affects people in many ways.