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AMI Health assignments

Siler Health Classes


Day 1:  AMI   Health classes

Create a Fire Safety Plan:  In this activity you will create a home fire safety plan on paper showing escape routes.

You will need paper, markers or colored pencils.

What to do:

1.  Draw a floor plan of your home on paper, including doors, hallways, windows, and stairs

2.  Use arrows to point out the fastest way to escape from every room.

3.  Identify an alternate escape route for each room in case the first route is blocked by flames or smoke.

4.  Indicate the location of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.

5.  Designate a place for your family to meet outside your home and mark it on the escape plan.

6.  At the bottom of your plan, write:   *when escaping, stay low to the floor.

                                                                      * Call 911 or fire department

                                                                      * Never go back inside to retrieve something


Bring the plan back to class to discuss with the class.


Day 2:  AMI   Health classes

Teen in the Media:  Think about the TV shows you watch, the music you listen to, and the magazines and books you read.  To get an idea of how teens are portrayed in the different forms of media, answer these questions.

1.   Are the teens eating nutritious foods and engaging in regular physical activity?

2.  Do the teens have a positive outlook on life?

3.  Do the teens have healthful family relationships?

4.  Do the teens avoid violence and try to resolve conflicts peacefully?

5.  Do the teens avoid tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs?

6.  Do the teens practice abstinence from sexual activity?