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Jerrijean Danielson

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Key concepts for the week of January 30-February 3


Life Skills: counting money, shoe tying, determining the difference in cooking measurement tools, and other items.

Reading: reading comprehension and learning new sight words

Writing: Student will be write five complete sentences. To do this students will have to understand and use these key concepts: ensuring that each sentence has a capital letter, subject, verb, correct subject verb agreement, the sentence makes sense, has punctuation and includes at least one detail that describes information gained through the senses such as smell, touch, hearing, taste, or sight.

Math: Students will work on reviewing skills taught thus far. New skills that are being introduced this week are learning how to compute the area of a rectangle or square and learning how to write the formula to find the volume of a cylindar.

Science concepts: We will be finishing up our science portfolios for the next couple of weeks. During this time students will be reviewing information that has been covered in science throughout the year.

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