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Loretta Wilburn

Forrest City Junior High 
Digital Media Syllabus
Loretta J. Wilburn

Course Overview:
Welcome to Digital Media!!! This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of graphic design (desktop publishing). Students will learn to use type/fonts, layout, balance, color and other design elements to produce quality advertisements, brochures, newsletters, calendars, business cards and other documents on computers. Students will also have the opportunity to learn some of the different aspects of video production, broadcast journalism, and media literacy. This will be a hands-on experience that will include working with professional equipment, mobile technology, and school computers/laptops. You will learn the process of scriptwriting, storytelling, and editing.

Course Materials Needed:
Composition Book (Journal)
2 Spiral Notebooks
3 Inch Binder
Paper (College Or Wide Ruled)
Dividers For Binder
Makeup Work:
If you are absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to find out what work has been missed. You have one week to complete missing assignments without points being deducted. After a week, any work that’s made up will include 5 point deduction per week until turned in.
Class Participation Policy:
You will earn 10 points a day for class participation. 
Being to class on time
Daily attendance
Involvement in class discussions/group work
Being on task 
Exhibiting good class behavior


Grading Scale:
100 – 95% = A    76 – 73% = C       
94 – 90% = A-    72 – 70% = C-       
89 – 87% = B+    69 – 67% = D+       
86 – 83% = B    66 – 63% = D       
82 – 80% = B-    62 – 60% = D-       
79 – 77% = C+    Less Than 60% = F     

Digital Media
Student and Parent Agreement Signature(s)

I have read all of the above material and understand what is expected of me as a student in this class. 
I have read the syllabus and understand what is expected of me as a student in this class. 
Student Printed Name:________________________________________________________
Student Signature:____________________________________________________________
I have read the syllabus and understand what is expected of my child as a student in this class. 
Parent(s)/Guardian Printed Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Parent(s)/Guardian Printed Signature: ___________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Email: ________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Phone Number(s):_______________________________________________


Loretta Wilburn

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