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Forrest City Junior High Guidance Program


     Mrs. Word's doors are always opened. Forrest City Junior High School’s guidance program focuses on the rapidly changing needs of young adolescents.  The program is an integral part of the district’s educational program.  Our guidance program mission is to provide a safe, positive learning environment for all students.  We strive to provide services and programs that promote educational, social, psychological, and academic growth. 


Some of the services and programs provided are the followings:

  • Counseling services
    • Individual, group, and classroom guidance
    • Academics, personal/social, and career issues
    • Consults with administrators, parents, and teachers
    • Liaison between administrators and outside counseling agencies
  • Schedules/Grades/Transcripts
    • Orientation of new students
    • Request of assignments
    • Special Services referrals
    • Counseling agencies’ referrals
  • Test Facilitator
    • Organize test procedures
    • Administer make up state mandated tests
    • Interpret test scores

The followings are the intended outcomes of the students:

  • Students will develop better test-taking skills, organizational skills, study habits, and improve their social skills.
  • Students will make better choices.
  • Students will become more self-reliant and self-sufficient.
  • Students’ self-awareness will increase.
  • Students will become knowledgeable of resources available to them.

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